2020 Sale

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Lot Sire Dam Sex
251 Used To Me FRA Verbier Colt
252 Used To Me FRA Wild Isis NZ Filly
253 Dreamcatcher SWE Xena Hest NZ Colt
254 Love You (FRA) Yankee Sister Colt
255 Used To Me FRA Yankee Stella Colt
256 Majestic Son CA Aldebaran Etta Filly
257 Bacardi Lindy USA Always Treasure NZ Filly
258 Creatine USA Aryafeelinlukypunk Filly
259 Used To Me FRA Aspiring Eva NZ Colt
260 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Daisy Filly
261 Kvintet Avenger Fin Brite N Lucky NZ Colt
262 Dreamcatcher SWE Bohemian Queen Filly
263 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Maori Filly
264 Majestic Son CA Drop Us Aline Colt
265 Bacardi Lindy USA Efficacious Filly
266 Majestic Son CA Emmylu Springfield Colt
267 Used To Me FRA Commander Jewel NZ Colt
268 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Revenue Colt
269 Peak DNK Forgetfulljane Colt
270 Majestic Son CA Four Lillies Colt
271 Muscle Hill (US) Glenferrie Dash Colt
272 Tennotrump Gloriadon Colt
273 Quaker Jet (FRA) Edge Hill Colt
274 Skyvalley NZ Backina Lifetime Colt
275 Father Patrick (US) Gypsy Flair Filly
276 Used To Me FRA Maidstone Miss NZ Filly
277 Cardigan Boko SWE Its Only Words Colt
278 Muscle Mass USA Icantremember Filly
279 Tennotrump Jewel Of The Night Colt
280 Skyvalley NZ Jingling Silver Colt
281 Majestic Son CA Lady Mackendon NZ Colt
282 Father Patrick (US) Joyces Choice Filly
283 Used To Me Kool Kelly Filly
284 Quaker Jet (FRA) My Serene Queen NZ Colt
285 Lawman USA Kosmanoid Filly
286 Creatine USA Lime And Lemonade Colt
287 Used To Me FRA Panbrake USA Filly
288 Creatine USA Mangonique Colt
289 Yankee Spider USA Maori Aplomb Colt
290 Bacardi Lindy USA Meredith Castle Colt
291 Andover Hall (US) Miss Warbucks NZ Colt
292 Used To Me FRA Purplepeopleater Filly
293 Muscle Hill (US) Maori Sunshine Colt
294 Sebastian K (SWE) Illawong Shimmer Colt
295 Trixton (US) Mystic Hush Colt
296 Royalty For Life (US) Miss Adelade NZ Colt
297 Father Patrick (US) Our Sunny Rose NZ Filly
298 Lawman USA Packed Up Early Colt
299 Orlando Vici (FRA) Royal Treat Colt
300 Love You (FRA) Lindys Two Step USA Filly
301 Cardigan Boko Poet Laureate Colt
302 Andover Hall (US) Shes An Image Colt
303 Dreamcatcher SWE The Pink Diamond NZ Filly
304 Creatine USA Shining Sun NZ Colt
305 Father Patrick (US) Social Fireball Filly
306 Royalty For Life (US) Solana NZ Filly
307 Trixton (US) Sundons Babe NZ Colt
308 Bacardi Lindy USA Sunny Folly NZ Colt
309 Love You (FRA) The Sun Goddess NZ Colt
310 Creatine USA Swede Dreams SWE Colt
311 Used To Me FRA Tricia Powell NZ Filly