2021 Sales Entries

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Lot Sire Dam Information Colour Sex DOB Vendor
136 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Breeze

Bay Filly 2/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
138 Southwind Frank USA Aldebaran Crumpet

Bay Filly 13/11/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
141 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Daisy

Bay/brown Filly 18/11/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
133 Majestic Son CA Aldebaran Etta

Bay Filly 31/10/2019 Lyndon Turner
127 Love You FRA Aldebaran Sunset NZ

Bay Colt 3/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
134 Bacardi Lindy USA Always Treasure NZ

Chestnut Filly 1/10/2019 David Scott
132 Majestic Son CA Arannalea NZ

Bay Filly 30/09/2019 Mary-Jane Mifsud & Eric Van Gemeren
135 Majestic Son CA Brite N Lucky NZ

Bay Filly 5/10/2019 Trotters Australia
139 Trixton USA Broadacrossthebeam

Bay Filly 14/11/2019 Nick Hooper & Paul Graydon
142 Muscle Mass USA Brylin Crescent NZ

Bay Filly 14/10/2019 Trotters Australia
137 What The Hill CA Cashel Dagha NZ

Bay Colt 4/01/2020 Balmain Lodge Racing Stables
140 What The Hill CA Cloud Chaser

Bay Filly 17/09/2019 R J & P Thomson
144 Skyvalley NZ Eagles Image

Bay Filly 20/09/2019 David & Peter Goudie
143 Majestic Son CA Elusive Charm

Bay Filly 12/09/2019 David Scott
145 Aldebaran Eagle USA Endsino

Bay Colt 1/12/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
101 Majestic Son CA Fortunate Phoenix

Bay Filly 12/11/2019 RA Haynes, CA Shaw, EA Payne, BM Payne
102 Bacardi Lindy USA Gluteus Maximus

Chestnut Colt 29/11/2019 Nick Hooper & Paul Graydon
103 Majestic Son CA Im Havinaball

Bay Colt 9/11/2019 Homestead Farm
105 Sebastian K SWE Iphigenia

Bay Filly 14/09/2019 Gerard Uren
104 Cardigan Boko SWE Its Only Words

Brown Filly 2/11/2019 Andrew Dalton
108 Skyvalley NZ Knocked Off Early

Brown Filly 22/09/2019 David & Peter Goudie
106 Father Patrick USA Kyvalley Bling

Brown Colt 20/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
107 Aldebaran Eagle USA Macray Maharanee

Brown Filly 2/11/2019 Macray Lodge
114 Centurion Atm USA Macray Tonia

Brown Filly 29/09/2019 Macray Lodge
109 Aldebaran Eagle USA Maple Eve Phoenix

Brown Filly 2/12/2019 RA Haynes, CA Shaw, EA Payne, BM Payne
110 Aldebaran Eagle USA Meredith Castle

Bay/brown Gelding 31/10/2019 Balmain Lodge Racing Stables
111 What The Hill CA Midnightatpinevale

Bay Colt 4/12/2019 R J & P Thomson
112 Creatine USA Miss Adelade NZ

Brown Filly 25/11/2019 Trotters Australia
113 Creatine USA Miss Impromptu

Bay Filly 19/11/2019 Kevin Clark & Partners
116 Father Patrick USA Mystic Hush

Bay Filly 3/11/2019 Trotters Australia
115 Aldebaran Eagle USA Naked Majesty

Bay/brown Colt 31/08/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
117 Sebastian K SWE Pinevale Ellason NZ

Bay Filly 14/10/2019 R J & P Thomson
121 Sebastian K SWE Prettylilangeleyes

Brown Filly 6/09/2019 R J & P Thomson
118 What The Hill CA Ruby Pinevale

Bay Filly 30/11/2019 TA Forster & HM Lyttleton
119 Majestic Son CA Sciamachy

Bay Colt 10/10/2019 Glengarry Farms
120 Majestic Son CA Secret Sundaze NZ

Bay Filly 26/09/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd. (As Agent)
122 Creatine USA Star Of Jordaine NZ

Brown Filly 21/10/2019 Trotters Australia
123 Skyvalley NZ Strapon NZ

Brown Filly 30/11/2019 Balmain Lodge Racing Stables
125 Majestic Son CA Summerline NZ

Bay Filly 3/10/2019 Trotters Australia
124 Aldebaran Eagle USA Sundons Babe NZ

Bay Colt 20/11/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
126 Muscle Hill USA Swede Dreams SWE

Bay Filly 25/11/2019 Janice Bryant and Partners
128 Love You FRA Vanilla Sunrise

Bay Colt 15/11/2019 Nick Hooper, Clyde Little & Paul Graydon
130 Majestic Son CA Whatta Tussle

Bay Filly 30/09/2019 Rachel Benns
129 Aldebaran Eagle USA Yankee Sister

Bay Colt 6/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
131 Aldebaran Eagle USA Zhenya NZ

Bay Filly 24/09/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.



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