2021 Sales Entries

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Lot Sire Dam Information Colour Sex DOB Vendor
136 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Breeze

Bay Filly 2/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
138 Southwind Frank USA Aldebaran Crumpet

Bay Filly 13/11/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
141 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Daisy

Bay/brown Filly 18/11/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
133 Majestic Son CA Aldebaran Etta

Bay Filly 31/10/2019 Lyndon Turner
127 Love You FRA Aldebaran Sunset NZ

Bay Colt 3/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
134 Bacardi Lindy USA Always Treasure NZ

Chestnut Filly 1/10/2019 David Scott
132 Majestic Son CA Arannalea NZ

Bay Filly 30/09/2019 Mary-Jane Mifsud & Eric Van Gemeren
135 Majestic Son CA Brite N Lucky NZ

Bay Filly 5/10/2019 Trotters Australia
139 Trixton USA Broadacrossthebeam

Bay Filly 14/11/2019 Nick Hooper & Paul Graydon
142 Muscle Mass USA Brylin Crescent NZ


Bay Filly 14/10/2019 Trotters Australia
137 What The Hill CA Cashel Dagha NZ

Bay Colt 4/01/2020 Balmain Lodge Racing Stables
140 What The Hill CA Cloud Chaser

Bay Filly 17/09/2019 R J & P Thomson
144 Skyvalley NZ Eagles Image

Bay Filly 20/09/2019 David & Peter Goudie
143 Majestic Son CA Elusive Charm

Bay Filly 12/09/2019 David Scott
101 Majestic Son CA Fortunate Phoenix

Bay Filly 12/11/2019 RA Haynes, CA Shaw, EA Payne, BM Payne
102 Bacardi Lindy USA Gluteus Maximus

Chestnut Colt 29/11/2019 Nick Hooper & Paul Graydon
103 Majestic Son CA Im Havinaball

Bay Colt 9/11/2019 Homestead Farm
105 Sebastian K SWE Iphigenia

Bay Filly 14/09/2019 Gerard Uren
104 Cardigan Boko SWE Its Only Words

Brown Filly 2/11/2019 Andrew Dalton
108 Skyvalley NZ Knocked Off Early

Brown Filly 22/09/2019 David & Peter Goudie
106 Father Patrick USA Kyvalley Bling

Brown Colt 20/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
107 Aldebaran Eagle USA Macray Maharanee

Brown Filly 2/11/2019 Macray Lodge
114 Centurion Atm USA Macray Tonia


Brown Filly 29/09/2019 Macray Lodge
114A Centurion Atm USA Macray Surprise

Black Filly 29/09/2019 Macray Lodge
109 Aldebaran Eagle USA Maple Eve Phoenix

Brown Filly 2/12/2019 RA Haynes, CA Shaw, EA Payne, BM Payne
110 Aldebaran Eagle USA Meredith Castle

Bay/brown Gelding 31/10/2019 Balmain Lodge Racing Stables
111 What The Hill CA Midnightatpinevale

Bay Colt 4/12/2019 R J & P Thomson
112 Creatine USA Miss Adelade NZ

Brown Filly 25/11/2019 Trotters Australia
113 Creatine USA Miss Impromptu

Bay Filly 19/11/2019 Kevin Clark & Partners
116 Father Patrick USA Mystic Hush

Bay Filly 3/11/2019 Trotters Australia
115 Aldebaran Eagle USA Naked Majesty

Bay/brown Colt 31/08/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
117 Sebastian K SWE Pinevale Ellason NZ

Bay Filly 14/10/2019 R J & P Thomson
121 Sebastian K SWE Prettylilangeleyes

Brown Filly 6/09/2019 R J & P Thomson
118 What The Hill CA Ruby Pinevale

Bay Filly 30/11/2019 TA Forster & HM Lyttleton
119 Majestic Son CA Sciamachy

Bay Colt 10/10/2019 Glengarry Farms
120 Majestic Son CA Secret Sundaze NZ

Bay Filly 26/09/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd. (As Agent)
122 Creatine USA Star Of Jordaine NZ

Brown Filly 21/10/2019 Trotters Australia
123 Skyvalley NZ Strapon NZ

Brown Filly 30/11/2019 Balmain Lodge Racing Stables
125 Majestic Son CA Summerline NZ

Bay Filly 3/10/2019 Trotters Australia
124 Aldebaran Eagle USA Sundons Babe NZ

Bay Colt 20/11/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
126 Muscle Hill USA Swede Dreams SWE

Bay Filly 25/11/2019 Janice Bryant and Partners
128 Love You FRA Vanilla Sunrise

Bay Colt 15/11/2019 Nick Hooper, Clyde Little & Paul Graydon
130 Majestic Son CA Whatta Tussle

Bay Filly 30/09/2019 Rachel Benns
129 Aldebaran Eagle USA Yankee Sister

Bay Colt 6/10/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
131 Aldebaran Eagle USA Zhenya NZ

Bay Filly 24/09/2019 Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.



Non Sale Entries

Lot Sire Dam Sex Vendor
851 Aldebaran Eagle USA Endsino Colt Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
852 Southwind Frank (US) Excellent Boko SWE Filly Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
853 Father Patrick (US) Invasions Pride NZ Filly R J & P Matthews
854 Father Patrick (US) Mason Magic Filly Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.
855 Wishing Stone (US) Miss Bullion Filly R J & P Matthews
856 Aldebaran Eagle USA Sundonna Colt Aldebaran Lodge Pty. Ltd.


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All pedigrees are correct at the time of publishing (24 November 2020).

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