2015 Sale Results

Lot Sire Dam Sex Sales Price Purchaser
Lot 01 Withdrawn        
Lot 02 Eilean Donon Kyvalley Bling Filly $9,000 Chris Lang jnr
Lot 03 Bacardi Lindy Arnikas Pride Colt   Passed In
Lot 04 Angus Hall Bromac Aldebaran Colt $38,000 Gatto Pty Ltd
Lot 05 Skyvalley Contessa Hest Filly $7,000 Glenn Conroy
Lot 06 Yankee Spider Catchya Kasey Filly   Passed In
Lot 07 Bacardi Lindy Cruzenthepacific Filly $6,000 Terence Howard
Lot 08 Angus Hall Maoris Dream Colt $30,000 Trevor Casey
Lot 09 Yankee Spider Stand On Me Filly $10,000 Maree Caldow
Lot 10 Bacardi Lindy Spring Fly Filly   Passed In
Lot 11 Skyvalley Sundons Babe Filly $7,000 Greg Scott
Lot 12 Angus Hall Poingnant Colt $30,000 Maree Caldow
Lot 13 Skyvalley Maori Lindy Filly $4,000 Glenn Conroy
Lot 14 Bacardi Lindy Maori Moments Colt $5,000 Joe Pace
Lot 15 Muscle Hill Calder Fury Colt $37,000 KPC Racing (Mgr Jim Connelley)
Lot 16 Angus Hall Aldebaran Maori Filly $18,000 Blundell Family Trust
Lot 17 Withdrawn        
Lot 18 Bacardi Lindy Docmelfi Colt $10,000 Jayne Davies
Lot 19 Metropolitan Countess Angela Colt $5,000 Greg & Denise Muir
Lot 20 Skyvalley Maori Road Filly $5,000 Anthony O'Connor
Lot 21 Kyvalley Blur Kyvalley Kitty Colt   Passed In
Lot 22 Muscle Mass Queens Rhapsody Colt $10,000 Brent Lilley
Lot 23 Skyvalley Aldebaran Honey Colt $4,000 Russell Commens
Lot 24 Withdrawn        
Lot 25 Sundon La Tonneralla Colt $15,000 Paddy Lee
Lot 26 Muscles Yankee Elusive Charm Colt $32,000 Don Smith
Lot 27 Skyvalley Aldebaranfavourite Colt $9,000 Brent Lilley
Lot 28 Angus Hall Flaming Action Filly $9,000 Brian Cabrin
Lot 29 Bacardi Lindy A Poem Kept Colt $11,000 John Murdoch
Lot 30 Withdrawn        
Lot 31 Skyvalley Aldebaran Deegan Colt $4,000 Anthony O'Connor
Lot 32 Yankee Spider Positive Logic Filly $8,000 Michael Scandolera
Lot 33 Withdrawn        
Lot 34 Bacardi Lindy Charlotte Galleon Colt $7,000 Steven Hall
Lot 35 Bacardi Lindy Strapon Filly $22,000 WJ & MD Cameron
Lot 36 Skyvalley Aldebaran Breeze Filly $22,000 David Scott
Lot 37 Armbro Variable Gladys Emanuel Colt $8,500 Mario Azzopardi
Lot 38 Skyvalley Aldebaran Revenue Filly $5,000 Blake Fitzpatrick
Lot 39 Armbro Invasion Im Mumbo Jumbo Colt   Passed In
Lot 40 Pegasus Spur Lets Be Happy Colt $25,000 Michael Taranto
Lot 41 Withdrawn        
Lot 42 Bacardi Lindy All Finesse Colt   Passed In
Lot 43 Tennotrump Mystic Jewel Colt $9,000 Tubbs/Sugars
Lot 44 Bacardi Lindy Seek And Destroy Colt $6,500 Susan Hayes
Lot 45 Skyvalley Aldebaran Sunset Filly $8,000 Chris Lang jnr
Lot 46 Fling It Keyfield  Colt $4,000 Olivia Berg